Multicultural Marketing

A full-service multicultural advertising agency in Bakersfield, California.

Connecting brands to growing populations.

It’s not English campaigns with translated ads. It is not English platforms with layered language targeting. Go beyond simple. Infiltrate the market. Know the culture. Know the region. Know consumer behaviors and influences. We believe, this is where our “Sazon” comes from. It’s what we do. It’s what we know and who we are. And more than anything else, it’s what our customers say we know!

Our Multicultural Partner

When Mendez Media Marketing was founded in 2006, it was as a direct results of recognizing growing markets in the United States, and how under represented they were in terms of brands reaching them properly with effective messages in the right places.

The Power of Digital

With digital media being often times more widely used in other countries, the cultures represented in the US utilize a multitude of platforms that can be very inexpensive to reach with some of the best ROI’s we have seen among all marketing campaigns.

14 Languages

Immersing into a variety of cultures, we communicate in 14 different languages and expand over 16 countries. Explore new demographics and connect with your new customers.

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