The power of outdoor awareness.

The science of outdoor advertising.

Still in Style.

We are the “OOH” specialists. Out-of-home advertising allows you to get your head out of the “cloud” and back into the real world for a bit. But isn’t that, like, so 1997? Yes, indeed. Sometimes what seems “old fashioned” never goes out of style.

Static Billboards

Bold, eye-catching and capable of reaching large audiences. Billboards are visible 24 hours each and every day. This gives it the competitive edge over digital billboards, which require brands to share space and receive around 10 seconds of advertising exposure per minute.

Digital Billboards

In an ever changing modern world, why not push the boundaries to reach your customer – digital screens in Bakersfield add a new dimension, giving you more opportunities to be flexible, targeted and creative with your message to your customers.

Managed Marketing

For almost two decades our team has been building impacting brands and backing them for maximum growth. We go above and beyond to add value to our clients. Experience brand growth like never before.


  • Managed Website + SEO
  • Brand Direction
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Social Media Management
  • & much more!
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