Social Media

Make impressions, don’t buy them.


Achieved over 5 million impressions on Instagram and posts reached over 290,000 accounts.


Trended on global Twitter over the course of the evening with over 1 million impressions.



Achieved over 40,000 engagements on Facebook and posts had a reach of over 350,000.



Our social media specialists are experts in utilizing social media to grow your brand and help you define, set and achieve your business objectives.

The rise in social media has significantly changed the way in which brands and consumers interact, as a result having a social media strategy at the forefront of your wider digital strategy is essential.

Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, increase website traffic or drive sales our team will create a tailored strategy that works for you.


Improve brand loyalty by engaging with your audience on a regular basis. Mantera drives daily social engagement by delivering messages that spark emotion and lead to conversation. We engage with your followers and respond quickly to comments so your fans feel well taken care of.


Mantera works with brands to help ensure trust. In doing so we engage with your fans, answer questions and respond to complaints to ensure customer trust.

We know how important it is to keep your followers up-to-date and we have measures in place to build and maintain them. Mantera will set the ‘tone of voice’ across all social platforms.


Our creative social team manages your social presence, giving you time to run your business. We are well-versed in tone-of-voice and brand management. Your brand is safe in our hands.

Managed Marketing

For almost two decades our team has been building impacting brands and backing them for maximum growth. We go above and beyond to add value to our clients. Experience brand growth like never before.


  • Managed Website + SEO
  • Brand Direction
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Social Media Management
  • & much more!
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