Video Production

Visually stunning & emottionally engaging.

We work with a superb production team to create amazing video. As we establish our creative concept, we will consider the benefits that video content can play in delivering the best experience to your audience. 

Video & Commercials

We’re an end-to-end video production company. From filming and editing to top-notch animation, we love helping clients find new and engaging ways to communicate their message. Let Mantera tell your story.


If you’re looking for a team with the experience and expertise to shoot the perfect pictures, we’re here. Our crews have filmed in hospitals and power stations, studios and company headquarters.. 

Aerial Filming

Take your production sky-high! Our experienced drone crews are qualified and know how to create beautiful shots from the air to sprinkle some extra magic onto your finished film.


Whether it’s creating the wow-factor with a well-placed opening video, filming live hands-on sessions or capturing the flavor of the event for a highlights video, you can trust our experienced crews to do a great job without ever getting under your feet.


Dive deeper than video and change your perspective on a subject. Animation makes complex concepts simple to understand. Animation is also a brilliant way of creating punchy messages for social media and adding a touch of magic to your digital presence.

Managed Marketing

For almost two decades our team has been building impacting brands and backing them for maximum growth. We go above and beyond to add value to our clients. Experience brand growth like never before.


  • Managed Website + SEO
  • Brand Direction
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Social Media Management
  • & much more!
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