Our Team

Matt Molina

Director of Business Development

Matt is the owner and founder of Mantera. He has consistently emphasized what makes Mantera great, energy, optimism and passion. Matt has been instrumental in establishing Mantera’s voice over the years as he is a common face among our clients and the community. With his astute business acumen and excellent knowledge of both digital and marketing landscapes, he is an instrumental force in leading the direction of the company. Matt is also responsible for the development of each individual staff member within the business, striving to provide everybody with a platform to flourish and grow within the agency.

Shelly Swanson

Administration + Billing

With a masters in brand development, Shelly has substantial experience in helping clients realize their brand ambitions. She’s a true all-in-one girl, creating new innovative concepts and ideas for clients at Mantera. She leads the teams to pitch and win new business and is also the key link within Mantera.
Shelly has helped clients communicate their brands for 20 years, starting out in corporate sponsorship and then moving into branding.

Cassie Bryan

Director or Creative

With a masters degree in Brand Communication and over 12 years experience in the fashion-market industry, Cassie lives and breathes innovation. She’s worked in various projects inhabiting sponsorships, events, digital communication, social media and public relations. Cassie works in beautiful San Diego with her dog Maggie and ferret Lea. When she’s not working you can usually find her walking the beach, shopping or taking on the waves.

Melanie Gonzales

Senior Digital Strategist

Melanie is responsible for developing and executing content strategy, with an emphasis on SEO that drives organic search and revenue. She handles all SEO initiatives within Mantera and if responsible the overall growth of client brands. With a strong technical background, Melanie has extensive knowledge of the ever increasing importance of technical SEO and PPC. Melanie now heads up the SEO department at Mantera, where her comprehensive industry knowledge allows her to create profitable and award nominated strategies.