Growing brands in Bakersfield, CA.

Established in 2008, Mantera has been leading the charge in digital innovation. Comprised of a dynamic group of young talent, we are deeply committed to fostering brand growth.

At Mantera, our team consists of surfers, designers, wine connoisseurs, and developers. Together, we collaborate passionately to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Independently Driven

We are an independent team of young talent, meaning we can work freely in the best interests of our clients.

Relationship Builders

Brands, like people, need to build a special relationship with the people they are talking and selling to.

True Passion

We are passionate about brand awareness and developing innovative solutions to help you stand out in this digital world.

Delivering results…

Building brands and growing business by blending strategy, creativity, marketing and technology. Our experts work closely together to solve our clients’ business problems in compelling, innovative ways.


Things are always changing. We are constantly learning new things, asking questions and adapting to our clients and the task at hand.


We are passionate about providing real data-driven solutions for our clients that drive results. In the end our work speaks for itself.

Getting serious

We stay true to our mission. We’re constant collaborators, fearless dreamers, and most of all, passionate professionals. Delivering real results and growth will always be our focus.

Growing together!

Great success comes from goal-oriented, long-term relationships. We want all our clients, regardless of size, to consider us as long-term partners with their best interest at heart.


Honesty, transparency and clear communication in our lives makes for a better working environment. No handballs and simply being real.

Common goals…

Our goal is to maximise brand awareness among key audiences as efficiently as possible. We research, negotiate, and optimize all media buys for maximum awareness.
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