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Mantera is a full-service advertising agency located in Bakersfield, CA.

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Together, we can make amazing things happen.

Call us today at (661) 201-8790

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Let’s work together..

We play well with others; agencies, public affairs firms, technology solution providers and business consultants. We offer top of the line services to business of all sizes and provide extensive marketing and proposal support and very competitive agency splits. Most importantly, we make you look good!

Let’s grab coffee. We’re buying!

Let’s sit down and find a way to work together. We can help build your agency while taking care of your existing clients. Working with a partner agency has never been easier.

Technology & Solution Firms

Combining the best of design with the best of technology, allow us to obtain additional work while adding value to our solutions. Now your clients can appreciate beautiful marketing solutions along side their powerful IT.

Traditional Agencies

Like you, we are brand communicators. We speak a common language. We understand your vigorous work environments and tight timelines and we can support your interactive needs, or concept with excellence.

The Benefits

 - Extensive marketing and proposal support.

- Competitive agency splits.

- Direct business consulting to enhance successful relationships.

- Most importantly, we make you look good!

Why Partner?

Impossible deadlines, ridiculous rounds of revisions, we get it and we still love working with agencies! In fact, some of our best work has been done through agency collaboration.