Paul Steele (President of the Italian Heritage, Dante Association)
Matt Molina and his team at Mantera Media are currently helping me rescue my business and thrive through turbulent economic and social times. Most business people understand that they are always in some state of transition. But 2020 with its mandates and the ramifications which followed presented us with so much chaos and uncertainty that it launched our transitions into hyperflux. Even though the old ways don't like to be disturbed, we had to subject ourselves to a stoic audit and move forward into 2021 with a radical new business plan. Matt is helping us with brand design, email, website management, and platform branding. We are undergoing the most drastic period of change in our organizations history which is nearing its centennial, and Matt is the most reliable and stable business partner on our team. 2021 is all about forming enduring and meaningful bonds and cutting ties with the relationships that were with-holding, unhealthy, and drag on our energy. I am grateful to have spent so much time this year getting to know Matt as he is honest, energetic, patient and has a unique perspective on business. And he has generously provided me and the IHDA with resources and connections which I have found to be indispensable. Matt and his team at Mantera Media have fantastic ideas and manifest opportunities, and it has been an extraordinary year working together.
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