Marketing in the Time of Corona

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Marketing

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We were all taught how important it is to directly interface with clients, however, what does a business owner do when that is no longer an option?

If we’ve learned anything about running a business during the age of coronavirus, it’s that staying in touch with our customers through digital means is imperative to stay in business.

What steps should you take to make sure you’re reaching your customers even when you can no longer reach them through traditional means?

  • Web Design: Creating an eye-catching easy-to-use design that’s functional and mobile-friendly is vital in today’s ever-changing digital age. 
  • Social Media: 75% of Americans 16-65 log onto some channels of social media daily. If you don’t currently have an active social media strategy in play, you’re missing opportunities to grow your audience.
  • SEO: 60% of users will not continue past the second page of Google, making sure you’re able to be found is imperative.

Whether you’re looking to maintain contact with current customers, gain new ones, or adjust your strategy to evolve with the digital age: Mantera Advertising is here for you.

Are you ready to learn more about how to adjust your digital strategy to fit today’s market?

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